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HIV AIDS Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention Disease Treatments News 

HIV AIDS Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

What is AIDS

AIDS stands for accumulation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a disease caused by HIV virus in which there is sever loss of body’s cellular immunity, greatly lowering the infections and malignancy.HIV aids treatment detail are also discussed in the last of this article.

What is HIV virus?

  1. RNA tumors have been known for many years. These viruses are widely distributed in nature and are associated with tumor production in a number of animal species such as fowl, rodents and cats.
  2. The most familiar of the viruses is human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) which causes acquired immuno deficiency syndrome.


The single stranded RNA tumor viruses,which also include RETROVIRUS (on co virus) are spherical in form, about 100 NM in diameter and are enveloped by host plasma membrane.
Although a few retrovirus are non specific that is they can infect any cell, most of them can infect only host cells that possess required receptors.
In case of AIDS virus, the host cell possess a receptor that allows the viral adsorption and penetration in several types of LEUKOCYTES(white blood cells) and tissue cells.
The retrovirus have a special enzyme called REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE, which can convert a single stranded RNA genome into double stranded viral DNA.
This DNA can not only infect host cells,but it can also be incorporated into host genome as a PRO VIRUS that can be passed on to progeny cells. In this way some of retrovirus can convert normal cells into cancerous cells.


The AIDS was reported by some physicians in early 1980’s in young males having one or more of complex symptoms such as severe pneumonia, a rare vascular cancer , sudden weight loss, swollen lymph nodes and general loss of immune function s.
All these young were young patients who were given blood or blood products.
In 1984 the agent causing the disease was identified by research terms from Pasteur Institute in France and National institute of health in USA.
In 1986 the virus was named as HIV.


The major cell infected by HIV is the helper T-lymphocyte, which is major component of immune system.
As the HIV infection continues in the host, the decrease of T-lymphocyte results in failure of the immune system and the infected person becomes susceptible to other diseases.
Cells in central nervous system can also be infected by HIV. Recent studies on HIV reveal that the virus infects and multiplies in monkey but does not cause any disease in them which means that HIV is HOST SPECIFIC.


  1.  Sharing a needle when someone is infected ( blood transfusion)
  2.  Being born when their mother is infected , or by drinking the milk of an infected woman.
  3.  Having sex with an infected person who is not on treatment.
  4.  Due to homo sex.

Symptoms of HIV AIDS

If you are infected with HIV. You will have the following symptoms within the week:
1: Some people get fever.
2: Headache.
3: Sore muscles and joints.
4: stomach ache
5: Swollen lymph glands.
6: Skin rash from one day to many weeks.
Some people have no symptoms at all.

HIV AIDS Treatment Overview

There are now vaccines for HIV AIDS Treatment.
Antireotoviral therapy can prevent or reverse the damage to your immune system.

Some students ask questions like which are given below.

  1.  Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS.
  2.  How is HIV treated.
  3.  What are the side effects of antiretroviral drugs.
  4.  How do antiretroviral drugs work.
  5.  how to know about HIV Aids treatment is effective or not.
  6.  How does antiretroviral therapy art work.
  7.  What is antiretroviral therapy.

we update this article as soon as possible with  answer of these questions.for more detail about Cancer Disease please visit our research work at Cancer Disease.

Thanks for reading.

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